Try to make your own “Pho” Vietnamese style of noodle soup using this IKEA style recipe. Really cool and cathy illustration. Created by New York based designer Ethan Buller

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Prime Big Series

An excellent initiative of the Belgian TV channelĀ Prime to illustrate the distribution of the series.An original staging in the form of plastic figurines, each representing a set and the universe as a TV series Californication, Mad Men, Six Feet Under, Mad Men, Hung, Weeds, The Pacific, Boardwalk Empire e.t.c

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Japanese Food

Now this is cool. Japanese Designer Masaaki Hiromura merged Japanese typography (Kanji) with signs or food symbols. Combining these two elements makes it easier to understand Japanese characters. But it is also entirely readable by Japanese/Chinese speakers. The stoke and style of the kanji is also in line with the cleanliness of the icon, whether its an eggplant or an octopus.

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Levitation -Natsumi

yowayowa camera women go by the name of Natsumi, shows her daily life through levitating. She lives in Tokyo with two cats. I like her art direction, shows some “whatever” feelings. Her photos let you admirer her and how cute she is.

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Postcard X Bali -Stephan Kot

Stunning HD video captured using Canon 5D Mark II. Somewhat gives true effects of Bali

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Taylor McFerrin- Live Solo Performance

I found this artist Taylor McFerrin, from Brainfeeder website. Mixed between soul-jazzed and drum machine perfect combination. The video is nicely done, very simple and black and white. Can’t wait for his future project.

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