10 Random Things I Want & Like

1. O’Clock – Magenta

Simple yet fun, affordable waterproof watch made in Italy. Its made out of silicon and comes in 3 different size. Love it!

2.Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe

With 3 different locations in Boston, Ma, “Flour” is a well-known cafe+bakery owned by Joanne Chang, it serves the best sandwiches, salads and homemade desserts. Recently while enjoying some yummy pastry, I found out that the owner has published a recipe book. They let us look at it while we were waiting for our orders. I quickly flipped through the book while I was there. It’s a very slick book with high-quality photos, good layout and great, informative sidebars. I don’t bake much (or ever lol) but with my budget limitation that only allows me to own one baking book, this would be the one I purchase.

3. Orisinal.com

When you need to unwind a little from your daily chaos, then this is the perfect site to go and have a little mind relaxation time. This site features many different flash games with unique challenges, cute characters and beautiful designs. Not to mention the soothing music accompanying each game.

For those with Iphones, you have the luxury to download the apps of some of these games. Now you can play them anytime, anywhere.

4. Polka Dot Dress By Zara

When a dress has the tripple “C” factor (cute,classy,chic) than you know you must have it. Its a timeless dress works for casual or formal. Everyone should at least have one of this in their closet.

5. Linzy Sand Patent Platform Pump by Kelsi Dagger

Want to make your self look instantly sexier or powerful? than this is definitely the way to go.  With a sleek design and soft color that would go with any outfit, it doesn’t stand out yet it makes an obvious statement.

6. Chiho Aoshima

A Tokyo-born, largely self-taught artist, is known for digitally-rendered drawings, animations, sculptures, and large-scale murals. Drawn on a Macintosh G4 computer and printed on adhesive vinyl, the murals often shift dramatically in perspective and scale and combine vibrant colors and botanical details in graphic, dream-like scenes of supernatural worlds and their inhabitants.  She graduated with an economics degree but then found her break while she working under Takashi Murakami’s wing. In a recent interview when asked about her work, she said she enjoys drawing the dark disturbing world but even that at end should still be cute.

7. Diana Mini with Flash

I always been interested in photography and with apps like Instagram and Hisptamatic, taking pictures has become more interesting. A friend of mine, whose a photographer introduced me to Lomography. The store sells  analogue photography goods,films and other accessories. My friend said if I want to play around and learn first, than this package would be the best way to start.

8. Hunter Boots

Popularized by the Royal families and modern day starlets alike, Hunter boots can be worn while trying to walk through a snow storm in Alaska or exploring a rain forest in Australia or even if you just want to stroll down Hollywood Blvd looking stylish and comfortable. Invented 50 years ago in Scotland, Hunter Boots was the first orthopedic boots created. They come with matching socks that not only insulate the feet and leg more but also accessories the boots it self.

9. Starbucks Ice Green Tea Latte

My BFF introduced me to this drink a little while ago and ever since I am totally hooked. Whenever I go to Starbucks now, I can’t order anything else. They also come in hot but I always prefer the cold one and just because I’m spoiled when it comes to taste I also get mine sweetened.

10. Where is My Mind – Maxence Cyrin ( The Pixies Piano Cover)

Last but not least, here is an arrangement Maxence Cyrin did with “Where is My Mind” by the pixies. I manage to find him on FB and asked him if I could have the piano sheet of this song and surprisingly he replied and emailed it to me. He did many other arrangements but this by far is my favorite. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as me.

Till next time, cheers ♥ O


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