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Taylor McFerrin- Live Solo Performance

I found this artist Taylor McFerrin, from Brainfeeder website. Mixed between soul-jazzed and drum machine perfect combination. The video is nicely done, very simple and black and white. Can’t wait for his future project.

via brainfeeder


easy way out?

i wish there’s an “exit” sign in my life

Cécile Colle and Ralf Nuhn’s “Exit-Wall,” part of the Kinetica Art Fair, is a modular installation comprising 200 exit signs assembled by means of permanent magnets.

picture via nytimes

RFID Music System

My dream almost come true musician and engineer collaborate to create physical free media, it’s surely going to change the way i listen to music at home
via npr

young hearts – DRVGS

DRVGS, a producer from Houston send me this electronic ambient music.
A catchy melody tune, make yourself into this melancholy spatial and feel like flying. OK, maybe it’s not the correct way to describe his genre, but it’s definitely it’s an experimental music that can get your mind into a zone out. A simple drum machine mixed with electronica and downtempo. I’m already looking forward to his new materials.